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  • For use in Ex-zone 1 and 2
  • Temperature controller necessary

  • Max. 180°C holding temp. at -20°C ambient temperature

  • Up to 300m at a stretch

  • Every 1m shortenable for assembly on-site (video tutorial) or ready-made ex works

  • Robust design with thick-walled extruded, flame resistant, extremely weather resistant PVC or TPU outer jacket

  • Internal tube made of PTFE, PFA, stainless steel or special alloy

  • Up to 12 internal lines as option

  • Interchangeable internal lines as option


The controlled heated sample lines series PSG Plus Extruded ATEX 180 are used for continuous extractive gas analysis. They serve primarily for the transport of the humid sample gas stream from the sample point to the analyser house. The holding temperature of the line thereby has to be above water vapour resp. acid dew point of the sample gas. In this way uncontrolled condensation of water vapour on the way to the analyser and therefore washing out of gas components in condensate is prevented. Also, failure of the measurement by a freezing line at ambient temperatures below 0°C is avoided.


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The robust lines with thick-walled extruded flame resistant and extremely weather resistant TPU or PVC outer jacket are equipped with high quality Ex-heating cables. Insulation is done with a thermal or glass fiber fleece. Holding temperatures of up to 180°C at -20°C ambient temperature can be reached. Solutions down to -52°C are also possible. Up to 12 PTFE, PFA, stainless steel or special alloy tubes as internal line and also interchangeable internal tubes are available.


Delivery lengths of up to 300m at a stretch are possible on cable drum and then can be adapted on-site and shortened every 1m. Furthermore, they are available ready for operation ex works. Control of the lines to max. 180°C is done by an external temperature controller and limiter via the integrated PT100.

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