• Design with very flexible silicone outer jacket
  • Pressure resistant internal tube with metal braid jacket

  • Ideal for mobile applications

  • Perfectly combinable with PSG Mobile and MAK Mobile

  • Operation with external temperature controller

  • Fixed resistor heating cable

  • Max. 200°C control temperature

  • Ready for operation assembled ex works

  • Internal lines made of PTFE or PFA

Technical Data and Options


The controlled heated sample lines series Flex Plane are used for continuous extractive gas analysis and are suitable especially for movable resp. mobile applications. They serve primarily for the transport of the humid sample gas stream from the sample point to the analysis system. The holding temperature of the line thereby has to be above water vapour resp. acid dew point of the sample gas. In this way uncontrolled condensation of water vapour on the way to the analyzer and therefore washing out of gas components in condensate is prevented. Also, failure of the measurement by a freezing line at ambient temperatures below 0°C is avoided.


The extremely flexible lines Flex Plane are equipped with outer silicone jacket. For heating a fixed resistor heating cable is used. Insulation is done with glass fiber fleece and silicone foam hose. Internal lines made of PTFE or PFA are possible. Pressure resistance is achieved by a metal braid jacket of the internal tube.


The lines are delivered completely assembled and ready for operation ex works. The control of the lines Flex Plane is done with an external temperature controller (e.g. Controller ST49 or DC-10) via integrated PT100 to max. 200°C. With optional quick connectors and looped through power supply the heated line can be connected quick and simple with e.g. the mobile gas sampling probe PSG Plus Probe Mobile and the mobile gas conditioning system PSG Plus Cooler MAK Mobile. This way all three components are supplied with only the electrical connection of the gas conditioning MAK Mobile.

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