• Reliable protection of the analyser against intrusion of liquids

  • Safe separation of liquid particles down to 0,2µm

  • Durable corrosion resistant inert semipermeable membrane

  • Quick and easy installation

  • High chemical resistance

  • Low dead volume for fast response time

  • Low differential pressure

Technical Data + Options


The liquid stops series LSare used for continuous extractive gas analytics. They are usually integrated directly upstream the gas analyzer and serve for blocking liquids coming with the sample gas to protect the analyzer from damage.


The liquid stops series LSare disposable filters that have to be exchanged after moistening. The filter body is made of PP and the membrane is made of PTFE. The membrane has a porosity of 0,2µm and an especially low pressure drop of only a few mbar. Regarding design special attention was also paid to an extra low dead volume for fast response time. Due to the NPT1/8”m-thread the sample gas connections can be determined variably by means of an appropriate screw fitting.


Due to the semipermeable PTFE membrane liquid drops and even fine liquid particles down to a size of 0,2µm are separated reliably and sample gas can pass the filter without falsification. In case of completely wetted membrane no further gas flow is possible. The easy-to-loosen optional PVDF fittings enable a quick and easy exchange of the device in case of liquid blocking.

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