• Filling with various adsorption materials
  • Filling with glass balls for large reaction surface

  • Durable corrosion resistant materials: PVDF, Duran-glass, FKM

  • Quick and easy change of filling

  • Simple mounting and integration

  • Low dead volume for fast response time

  • Optical control of adsorption material

  • Wall mounting

Technical Data + Options


The adsorption filters series ADFare used for continuous extractive gas analytics. They are usually installed downstream the sample gas cooler and serve for removal of interfering gas components due to adsorption. Upstream the sample gas cooler the filter is also suitable for pre-separation of condensing liquids. Typical applications for the filters series ADF are process gases whose gas matrix allows to remove gas components selectively without influence on the measurement.


The adsorption filters series ADFare designed particularly corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. The filter head is made of PVDF, body is made of glass and sealing is made of FKM. The glass frit in the lower part of the glass body prevents leakage of the solid filling material. Regarding design special attention was also paid to an extra low dead volume and at the same time a high filling degree for fast response time. Due to the G1/4” f-thread the sample gas connections can be determined variably by means of an appropriate screw fitting.


With appropriate filling material interfering sample gas components will be adsorbed. Here the precise choice of the correct adsorption material is important to remove selectively only these components that should not be measured. The gas inlet is at the bottom of the filter glass (GL25-12). With glass ball filling condensing liquids and / or solids can be removed. The sample gas outlet then is located at the filter head. The glass body allows quick and easy to assess the condition of the adsorption material.

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